The vast majority of our patients are referrals from other providers and it is to them that we communicate the results of our evaluations.

To refer a patient to our practice providers can:
  • Download Referral Form and fax to (860) 249-6742
  • Call our office and speak to someone at (860) 522-4429
  • Providers from Hartford Healthcare can TigerText our Neurologists directly
A member of our staff will reachout to the patient to schedule an appointment with one of our providers. Multiple attempts will be made to reach your patient. If the patient is not reached, a message will be left asking the patient to call our office to schedule their appointment. Your office will be contacted if we are unable to reach your patient.
Provider Referral Paperwork
Fax to: 860-249-6742
Include: Form, office notes, lab work and imaging